“There is no path you could not walk. There is no door you could not open.”

I’m Marianna Zaikova – an adventure athlete, self-developer, environmentalist, and a motivator who wants to inspire you to realize your dreams and contribute to making the world a better place to live in for all of us.

As a woman who started doing sports only in adult age – but with the power of passion and belief – I have been able to complete numerous extreme marathons and inspire also others to start exercising and racing.

Through my experiences as an adventure athlete and an environmentalist, I help people to believe in themselves and step by step to change the world with their actions. I share my experiences actively in my blog and social media.

Running became a part of my life naturally.

I ran my first extreme marathon in 2012 in the North Pole (North Pole marathon). After that I noticed that running outside the asphalt roads had its own charm. In 2014 I ran 150km in Utah in the burning sun and dusty terrain. These two experiences confirmed me that whatever the place or the terrain: everywhere there’s the possibility to make it if you want to.

I really felt like running was what I was meant to do.

When the distances got longer and the locations got more and more exotic, I also realized I wanted to see the world badly. So, I decided to combine travelling, running and challenging my limits.

This is when my adventures truly began.

As runner and an environmentalist
I believe that big positive changes depend on very small things. Every one of us can contribute.

I knew I could contribute the best myself by combining running with doing something good. That’s why I became a plant based athlete, and I started to take initiative in supporting recycling. Protecting the nature and animal rights are very close to my heart.

As an adventure athlete and a role model, I’m able to share my values with my followers and encourage them to join me in protecting our valuable nature.

Belief makes a winner. My achievements show that you don’t have to have the “ideal” background to be able to achieve remarkable things.

You just need to believe in yourself.

I ran 100+50 km ultra race in Utah without training. I completed the 777 (7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days) as the first woman in the world. Also without training. And I got to the finish despite all the difficulties.

I believe in myself. Always. And this helps me to break my limits and win myself despite obstacles.

I know there will always be obstacles. But if you truly believe in yourself, you will realize your dreams.

My mission as an adventure athlete is to take the followers to challenging trips and landscapes via running. Through my experiences I will motivate them to reach for their dreams and protect our common nature.